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About us - Welding Institute

Welding institute is independent organization, founded in 1958 as a specialized institution for providing professional services in welding.

The Institute was founded by professional association of engineers, technicians and welders - Society for the advancement of welding in Serbia, with the goals and objectives: promotion and popularization of welding techniques in industry and handicrafts; education and training of welding personnel of all profiles; introduction of new welding procedures; introduction of testing for welders and qualification of welding procedures; quality control of welding, the welded products and structures. Shortly after the establishment, in 1960, the Institute has expanded its industry research and development services, has formed a service and documentation with the aim of collecting and publishing of scientific and technical information in the field of welding.

During its existence, they followed requirements of the economy, the Institute has adapted its activities and organization of market conditions.

zavod za zavarivanje
zavod za zavarivanje
zavod za zavarivanje

Initial operation of the Institute in education was to train welders and later welder-instructors. After the first years of activity extended to the education of technicians and engineers in specialized courses and this tradition Institute has remained faithful to this day. During the eighties established another form of education - training of personnel for non-destructive testing. We also organized a series of specialized seminars on various topics, with the aim of modernizing the knowledge of a large number of already trained welding experts.

Today, education of personnel for welding, Institute conducted according to international standards in accordance with the relevant training programs.

In framework of quality control services and supervision, applied for the usual mechanical, technological and metallographic tests and later non-destructive testing, as well as checks and other specific tests and perform tasks: control of equipment, control of systems and structures in service reception equipment, pipeline construction and technical inspection, acceptance and maintenance of dedicated facilities; quality control of products and equipment parts during manufacture and the receipt / delivery; supervision of welding works; supervision of cathodic protection; control of investment and technical documentation; validation of technical documentation to comply with applicable regulations and the like. Today, following the requirements of an internationally developed system for conformity assessment, these tasks are performed by separate organizational units the Institute - Laboratory and the Notified body.

Since 1974 the Institute has found its place as a qualified institution for checking and evaluating the ability of manufacturers of products and structures that are performed by welding, in accordance with the standards that were in force as the basis for ensuring the quality of welding works, and issuing "Confirmation of competence".

Also, the Institute has formed a workshop for the provision of repair welding and allied processes welding (hardfacing, thermal coating services), who found an important application in the revitalization of the equipment and tools, with proven technology solutions in the further exploitation and assessed as successful for lifetime.