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Education and training - Welding Institute

The scope of the sector education and training is additional training of personnel in welding at all levels, and personnel for non destructive testing.

Since 1958, The Welding Institute organizes courses for welders.

  • Since 1973, the Welding Institute organizes specialized courses for welding engineers, specialists in accordance with standard JUS C.T3.072 later according to JUS EN 719. Since 2005, the Welding Institute over DUZS-CertPers, gained a status as ATB - Approved training body for the training of personnel in welding for Serbia and Montenegro, and later only for Serbia. Now organize courses for international / european welding engineers, as well as international welding inspector in accordance with the program of education of the International Institute of Welding in Paris.
  • Since 1980, the Welding Institute organizes courses for NDT personnel (today according to EN ISO 9712), for the following methods of non-destructive testing: visual testing, penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing and from May this year and radiographic testing.
zavod za zavarivanje
zavod za zavarivanje

For a half a century The Welding Institute has produced:

  • 1700 engineers and welding technologists
  • over 1000 qualified operators for NDT
  • over 20.000 welders.

More than 200 education experts at the Institute, has been engaged in large international companies.

  • The Institute, as a member of the IIW has exclusive rights to documents IIW, working and other documents of its 16 committees which publish the latest world achievements in welding.

Download the educational program for the year 2016 at the following link: PROGRAM FOR 2016.

ATB - Certificates:

zavod za zavarivanje
zavod za zavarivanje

Manager of the sector Education and Training

  • Milan Tonić, dipl.ing.

  • Tel: + 381 11 2851079
  • Fax: + 381 11 2850648
  • Mob: + 381 62 8023257

  • E-mail: milantonic@zzz.co.rs