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Repair welding - Welding Institute

Repair welding is a complex technological discipline that requires some specific knowledge and skills.

Repair center of the Institute offers following welding services:

  • repair welding of worn or damage parts of the equipment, tools and other
  • surface welding and allied processes are applied in the production of new pieces of equipment, devices and tools, applying a relatively thin layer of materials with high resistance to abrasion, only in areas exposed to intense wear, while the material significantly lower prices
  • preventive surfacing and repair welding and allied processes in order to increase the lifetime of the parts of which are still in use especially in the vital areas of equipment, devices and tools
  • The Welding Institute is able to determine the damage, rehabilitate it and testing the repaired parts, in one word, that on "one -place" do whatever it takes to do correct welding in order to repair and extend the lifetime of pieces of equipment, devices and tools.
zavod za zavarivanje
zavod za zavarivanje

Manager of sector of Repair welding

  • Darko Stević M.Sc.M.E., IWE

  • Tel: + 381 11 2851079
  • Fax: + 381 11 2850648
  • Mob: + 381 62 8023244

  • E-mail: darkostevic@zzz.co.rs