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Activity - Zavod CERT

ZAVOD-CERT is a special, independent unity in Welding Institute, whose activities are: providing certification of quality management system in welding according to standard EN ISO 3834 manufacturer of welded products and structures.


ZAVOD-CERT is authorized national body for the certification of companies in Serbia according to standard EN ISO 3834.

ZAVOD-CERT is authorized by the International Institute of Welding (IIW) that, in his name, performs the assessment and certification in accordance with the "Certification Scheme manufacturer" (IIW MCS) developed by this international organization.
Authorized national body for certification of producers (ANBCC) can be only one in the country represented by the International Institute of Welding, and its compliance with the "Rules of the International Institute of Welding" is evaluated and work is supervised by the assessors and international organizations.

The main tasks of ZAVOD-CERT are:

  • Implementation the requires of International Institute of Welding for certification scheme for manufacturer;
  • Ensuring that the adopted standards for the evaluation and certification are held;
  • Promotion the certification of manufacturer in accordance with the Rules of the International Institute of Welding
  • Implementation of IIW certification schemes according to EN ISO 3834 including:
    • - Qualification of assessors and technical experts for EN ISO 3834,
    • - Evaluation of manufacturer,
    • - Certification of manufacturers, managing and storing relevant records.

See structural scheme of the ZAVOD-CERT at the following link: ZAVOD CERT - STRUCTURE